How You Know It's Time To Put Surveillance Cameras Up Around Your Property

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How You Know It's Time To Put Surveillance Cameras Up Around Your Property

21 May 2019
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Most homeowners, unless they have valuables in their homes that they want to protect, generally do not install surveillance cameras. If there are a rash of break-ins in a particular neighborhood, that changes. Then everyone, regardless of whether they have valuable things, wants to install cameras for protection. If there are currently no reports of break-ins in your neighborhood, and you do not really have anything particularly valuable (e.g., cheap laptop, one TV in the entire house, no jewelry, etc.), then you might want to install cameras for other reasons. Here is how you know that it is time to install cameras on your property, regardless if it is your home or business. 

Somebody Is Leaving You "Presents" in Your Garbage Cans

Do you take the trash out and find bags in there that you did not place in there? Maybe you are finding garbage removed or spilled out everywhere on a regular basis. Clearly, something is going on here that should not be. A security camera placed near your cans or dumpster will catch the culprits. If the culprit spilling garbage turns out to be wildlife, then you will need pest control help. If the culprit is a human dropping "presents" into your cans/dumpster without your permission, you can file a report with the police. 

People Are Using Your Property as a Shortcut

People walking on your front lawn is annoying enough, but people using your property as a short cut to cut through to another property is trespassing. If there are signs that someone is trespassing on your property, security cameras can zero in on the offending parties, and see which direction the offending parties are going. If they are also doing damage to your property as they go, you can press criminal charges against them for trespassing and property damage. 

It Is Obvious That Someone Is Using Your Pool, Hot Tub, or Trampoline

Placing sporting goods and relaxation equipment in your yard is a source of personal joy. However, that joy is marred if unwelcome guests are using your pool, your hot tub, your trampoline, your fire pit, etc., for their own use and entertainment. If it is clear that someone (or more than one person!) has been using your personal fitness and relaxation equipment without your permission, placing cameras focused on these areas will stop this in a hurry. You especially want to stop these incidents from happening so that you do not have a drowning incident or a head injury, for which the victim or victim's family can sue you, even when you had no foreknowledge of that person entering your property. 

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