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Teaching Kids How to Responsibly Use Their Smartphones

Recently, I bought my first smartphone. I fell in love with the convenience this device provides me with. My oldest child is also now to the age where we've gotten him his first cell phone. Personally, I don’t feel kids should have access to these devices all day long, so before presenting my kid with their phone, we instructed him how to responsibly use it and in which situations it's acceptable to use a phone. On this blog, I hope you will discover simple ways to teach your kids how to use a phone responsibly and how to make sure your phone stays in great condition.


How You Know It’s Time To Put Surveillance Cameras Up Around Your Property

21 May 2019
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Most homeowners, unless they have valuables in their homes that they want to protect, generally do not install surveillance cameras. If there are a rash of break-ins in a particular neighborhood, that changes. Then everyone, regardless of whether they have valuable things, wants to install cameras for protection. If there are currently no reports of break-ins in your neighborhood, and you do not really have anything particularly valuable (e.g., cheap laptop, one TV in the entire house, no jewelry, etc. Read More …